Disable Spring Cloud Stream support for testing

TestSupportBinder is a minimal binder that does nothing and is not useful for integration test between services

A short time ago we started the development of a project based on Microservices Architecture. The intent is to create services based on REST Api, which receive messages and write them on Kafka topics. Other services read messages from the Kafka topics and write them to the database.

The environment is as follows:

  • Java 11
  • Spring Core 5.1
  • Spring Boot 2.1
  • Spring Cloud Stream 2.1
  • Spring Web 5.1
  • Apache Kafka 2.0.1

The IDE is the new STS 4.  By default, if you use Spring Initializer to create a Spring Cloud Stream based project, support for the Spring Cloud Test dependency is added:


the dependency ensures that the TestSupportBinder class can be used for the test phase. TestSupportBinder is a minimal binder that does nothing about binding consumers.
I find that class not very useful, even for the test phase itself. Surely it is not useful for integration test between the various services.
In fact, in our case, by launching services from STS, you could write on the topic but the listeners received no messages. By launching services via maven instead, everything worked fine. This is because the scope test of the dependency assures that by launching the command

mvn spring-boot:run

the TestSupportBinder class is not loaded by Spring Boot autoconfiguration. However, if we run the application from STS (in RUN or DEBUG), TestSupportBinder is loaded, and not Kafka as desired. To disable the test from STS, you need to add the annotation

@SpringBootApplication(exclude = TestSupportBinderAutoConfiguration.class)

as in this example:

@SpringBootApplication(exclude = TestSupportBinderAutoConfiguration.class)
public class StreamsConfig {


or, even better, add the following line in the application.properties file:


in this way, the integration test between the various services will go well!